"I’ve been on the torch a little over 18 years I learned to blow glass in a small shop, called the pipe ranch in Lawrence Kansas. After about four years, I worked up the nerve to start going to trade shows I had met Mike fro and decided to move my family up to Massachusetts, where I worked under fro For a year then came back to Kansas some point shortly after that I felt like it was time to head out west and build a studio in Eugene Oregon with Shad Glass, and a few other guys. I have been out in Oregon 11 years now where I have a studio of 13 guys I work alongside my son, Augustus, and a bunch of other really talented guys Rosburg glass Gotto glass, Tristan Hodges Chunk glass, Gabe Mac glass and Al Boro Creations . I love what I do and I’ll do this probably ‘til the day I die. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it."