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Blazy Susan Dab Tool - Gold

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Product Description

Dab Tool - Gold by @blazysusan

Dab tools are a must when handling concentrates. Using the right dabbing tool will help make sure you’re not losing any concentrate. Meet Blazy’s Gold Plated Stainless Steel Dab Tool! Every dab tool comes with a custom silicone center grip to keep things from getting messy when you need to take your tool on the go! These tools are 100% heat safe and ready to get to work – you can even throw it in the dishwasher for cleaning later if you need to! The Blazy Dab Tool is also double sided for more versatile usage.

Blazy’s gold-plated stainless-steel dab tool is design with scoop at one end to scoop out a dab of concentrate and then drop it onto the heated nail. The other side has a flat surface that you can use to cut your concentrates. The silicone grip allows for full control of your heated concentrates on the dabber.


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