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Avant-Garde Outside Incycler Rig

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Avant-Garde Outside Incycler Rig

Conceptually the most complex recycler on the market, we present the Outside Incycler.
Standing about 9.5 inches tall with a 14mm joint and featuring a vortex recycler nestled within an aqueduct uptake.
Starting at the joint, smoke travels into designs within the walls, percolating into the lower chamber before being pulled back into the walls of the uptake.
This unique feature channels the smoke and water 360 degrees through the images in the walls, then transferring through a membrane seal into the vortex recycling chamber.
Most of us tend to think of time as linear, absolute and finite, but in reality everything is cyclic.
The Outside Incycler 2.0 is a timeless representation of such, with it’s retailored linear imagery and unique cyclic properties.


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